Insuring teen drivers in Oklahoma

Insuring teen drivers

Insuring a teenage driver can be scary sometimes, especially when considering the rate increase in your auto insurance policy in Oklahoma.  When it comes to insuring your teen driver you have options as well:  you can sign up for a new policy or add them to your policy.  The agents at Rightway Insurance can help you evaluate the risks and potential rate increases when insuring your teen driver.

Other options to consider as well:

  • Can you get a ‘good grades’ discount?  Some companies offer discounts for good GPA’s.
  • Discounts for driver education courses.  Check which companies may give discounts for driver education courses.
  • Buying your teen a car.  Check with your insurance company to see how car choice will affect the cost for your teen driver.
  • Deductibles and Limits.  Consult with your independent insurance agent to see how raising or lowering of deductibles and liability limits with your teen driver added to your policy will affect your premium costs.

Rightway Insurance can consult with you on the effects of adding your Oklahoma City teen driver and the best options for coverage and costs.